Saturday, August 16, 1997

Free Malware Protection has infected Dad's computer?

Hi there, Dad was on a carpentry website earlier today and a window that looks just like AVG popped up and told us that Dad's laptop has critical viruses. We clicked a "Start Protection" and we then agreed to the next window without fully reading it. After that the computer started to act all strange, and we were almost sure that we had been tricked by a virus.I decided to search the name of the so called "malware protection" on Google and found out that it is, indeed, a virus. Now the virus screams and controls Dad's laptop, and we don't know how to get rid of it! We aren't that good with computers.. PLEASE HELP!! Is there any free malware protection that we can download to get rid of it? We already have AVG Free. How can we fully delete Free Malware Protection?? Thanks to anyone who answers :(

Answer on Free Malware Protection has infected Dad's computer?

reboot your computer and restart in safe mode, click on F8 during restart, and select safe mode. Then go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools, and then system restore. Select a restore point before you got the virus, and then restore. Should get you back up and running.