Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Why are Justin Bieber fans such cry babys?…

After all the Grammys will never give a award to tween oriented act.Other wise Aaron Carter(Who just got out of rehab)/Jesse Mccartney(Who is real big scumbucket that treats his fans like dirt-same for Aaron).
Jonas Brothers would have won by now.They may be nominated but they will never win.Now they can win the Peoples Choice Awards or American Music Awards.But as Bieber shelf life is maybe 3-5 years before hits the skids.I know I worked with all of them at Great Adventure-Jesse was huge in 05 now he lucky if he draws 5,000 out of 10,000-That was in 08 when he played 3 years after the Jonas Brothers stole his base.Now the J.B have their turn.Mark my words the Branson Brothers are the next big thing-along with Cody Simpson(Who is really nice kid!).

Answer on Why are Justin Bieber fans such cry babys?

because there stupid and dumb and crazy over him! me personly i HATE justin bieber my friends are obsessed with him they call themselves Mz. Bieber i tell them" its never gonna happen stop dreaming" cuz its never gonna happen cuz there really not all that pretty eithere they think they are!

Shes given me many signs that she likes me, but she has a bf ..?

okay i never talk to this chick but ive told many people about it and a lot of people say it sounds like she likes me , thing is on facebook i see her relationship status is with another dude, but i think he lives in another city..

why is she constantly looking at me and looking away soon as i look at her(nnot only signs), i wanna ask her out but now idk?
spring break is next week so i was hoping to get her number before than any advice?
should i add her on facebook and talk to her that way or what?

Answer on Shes given me many signs that she likes me, but she has a bf ..?

add her on FB and talk to ger through inbox.
ask her casually if she has a boyfriend or if shes dating anyone. if the path is free for you... asked her out. (: