Sunday, August 10, 1997

So what happens after i get my work permit?

I already had my appointment for biometrics and they said my work permit is coming. What happens after that? When can i travel outside the country? (i'd love to go to paris or italy!) How many years do i have to wait to apply for citizenship? Is the test really hard? Do they give you materials or a class you have to go to?

Answer on So what happens after i get my work permit?

Don't worry about winning Formula 1 races if you don't even have a driver's license yet.

The EAD is the permission to work before you get your Green Card. You can leave the US but you won't be able to come back. If you had that in mind you should have applied for Advance Parole via form I-131. It's free if filed concurrently. If you didn't you'll have to wait for your Green Card.

You can apply for naturalization if you fulfill a truckload of requirements, from tax payments to good moral character to uninterrupted presence and much more. You'll have to be a Green Card holder for at least 5 years unless you got your Green Card based on marriage to a US citizen and are still happily married by the time you can apply which is 3 years later. The citizenship test is so easy a caveman can do it. Try to do one step at a time.