Saturday, August 9, 1997

Weight loss help PLEASE?

I am so tired of hearing people say if you want to loose weight just eat right and work out. ok does everyone but me not have a busy life? i cant sit down every night and cook and eat dinner. or eat the right breakfast every morning. and i def dont have time to go to the gym all the time. I really wish I did though. I'm 5'2 and weigh around 150-155 right now. I really hate to admit that. I really want to loose like 30 pounds or more by summer. I cant make myself throw up, or stop eating there isant a point to either because when you do actually eat or digest food you will gain that weight back quick i dont want i need something. I would like to try a pill or something. is there anything I can do with my busy lifestyle and not be at the gym at midnight and still loose weight? please someone help.

Answer on Weight loss help PLEASE?

10 minute trainer by Tony Horton, the Same guy that made the P90X, i bought it because i am a very busy person,.. and i reccomend it to everyone...this product works...

10 minutes? everyone has 10 minutes,...i lost weight and size...

i shizz you not..