Saturday, July 5, 1997

Black Americans that are decedents of African slaves....?

Do you ever wonder what country your African ancestors are from?
Do you sometimes think about your lost families over in Africa?
I do sometimes. I just sometimes wish I knew where I'm from, and what family still remains. It sometimes fell strange and awkward when people ask what country are your parents and ancestors are from and everyone (with the exception of most blacks) can say, Colombia, China, Korea, Italy, France, India, Pakistan, PR,DR, Mexico, etc.... But when it gets to me or most of the other black kids we have to say America but it always feels strange to say so. I remember when I was younger I'd (feel the need) to claim my European ancestry Scotland, Ireland, and (i think) Switzerland.
So whats it like for you?

Answer on Black Americans that are decedents of African slaves....?

Yeah, but I wonder more about my American family recently. I think as African Americans we are unique to America at this point. I have a mixture of African, Native American, French, Irish, German and some others that idk. It bothers me that the ONLY ones I can actually trace a Country from are the European ancestors. I want to know more about Africa, so I'm just into African cultures and people on my own. I dont really think I'll ever know much abt who I come from personally because its been lost :( BUT I know most slaves were Muslims when they came to America and thats interesting. And they came mostly from West Africa, but now we're too mixed with the different types of AFRICANS to ever point to one place, you know?

As for America, its really interesting researching it and I've found as far back as 1800 on my mom's side & found my gggggrandma (Her name was Rachael Hawkins <3) was sold away from her mom to Mississippi in 1801 @ 1 year old. Slaver SUCKED! Thats so sad! I think her dad was white because she was Mulatto and she had babies with another white man. Then my dad's side is Creole and German and my grandma used to always say her family was never enslaved and I never cared abt it because I thought she was lying, then she passed away a few years ago and I realized she was being honest. Now she's gone and I have to look into it all by myself :(

Its SOOO interesting to find out where I/anyone comes from. Im trying to help my friends right now because I think its important to know as a person and Esp. as an African American because it gives us a better sense of self and who we are and not what we're told to be:)