Friday, July 4, 1997

Switching Birth controls PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?

I've asked twice and no one is answering my questions please...

Okay, i've been on Yaz for over a year its worked good besides the random break thru periods long into the pill and sometimes hair loss...No pregnancy thank gosh and no weight gain now..

My doc switched me to yazmin but i picked it up from wallgreens and its ocella? she switched me b/c ocella is stronger so i don't get so much break thru periods.. i guess the generic version of yazmin my questions are..

1- what is the diff between ocella and yazmin???

2- do i have to wait to have sex w/o a comdom again since i'm switching birth controls? (or no since my body is used to yasmin)

3- if uve tried the two which do you prefer?

Answer on Switching Birth controls PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?

I've been on Yasmin for the last year and a half except for a few months when the pharmacy ran out and put me on Ocella. I switched back because I experienced more side effects with Ocella and my PMS symptoms were much worse. It may be different for you but if you'd rather not risk it you can go back to your doctor and ask her to write "dispense as written" on your prescription."