Tuesday, June 24, 1997

With cbse 10th where i can apply in uk College or Uni.?

i'm living here in Italy with my parents from 2 years & before coming to Italy i just passed 10th standard & after coming to italy i stopped studying due to some problems but now i want to continue further my studies in UK because here i cant continue with italian language. So i just want to ask as i'm 18 now & i've only certificate of 10th standard where i should apply?

Answer on With cbse 10th where i can apply in uk College or Uni.?

i really appreciate ur interest and passion to study in abroad. its better to complete ur 10th and 12th standard there and later on try to study ur bachelors in abroad..that will give a great option to u...so its my request dont go for it, you will not even be called for interviews, the employers are not ready to employ people without +2 degree .Better finish your +2 and then do a regular degree.Please dont ruin your life.but i understand ur eager then you can look for highschool in uk at these website http://www.isuk.org.uk/gettingstarted.ht…
but at this time patience is the important matter.so as a experienced person i tell u that u just complete ur 12th standards there as i didnot find any degree provided by uk universities after 10th so try on later after +2 and finally success wil be urs....so study well...take care and byeeee..