Monday, May 12, 1997

I am getting so fat....?

And I dont know why. Neither does my doctor, Please if you have had this happen to you, please explain. I know everyone is differnt. but the same thing can happen. Over the past two years, i went from 100, to 200, gaining about 50 or so a year. And i dont know why. ive always been "thickish" but not fat. But i am consantly bloated now, and getting marks, heres the ironic thing, i havent changed my diet. at all. I eat cereal for breakfast, a bowl of ramenor maybe a burito for lunch, and then my mom in law makes dinner, usually spaghetti, or hamburgers, nothing over the top. i dont eat many sweets, and i dont drink more than 3 sodas a week. Someone please share your expierence. My doctor doesnt know why im gaiing weight,but i did read into polycistic ovary syndrome, and you gain weight for no reason. im not pregnant, and have no children. not on medicine or birth control. please please give me some good diet tips or good exercise. All of my weight is in mystomach, and it makes me look pregnant! but im not. and im sure. im 5'5 and 202.6 lbs. 8 months ago, i as 160. and 4 months before that.. 140...somethings going wrong....please help.

Answer on I am getting so fat....?

Perhaps you could try the metabolism boosting foods diet.

What age can I get my son tested for allergies? 4 months old?

My son will be 4 months on the 25th and I am curious to know if he has allergies. Ever since he was little he has had watery eyes, or red eyes and his nose has always run and he has sounded congested. We do everything we can from using a Humidifier, saline drops and sucking his nose, take him in the bathroom and turn the shower on to make it steamy and now I use the Little noses chest rub. I don't think it is a cold, I just don't see how a cold would last this long. I know he is teething but would that cause all that? He just started teething in the last month or so. So what do you suggest I do? I am going to talk to his doctor on the 29th of this month. He gets his shots so I am going to bring this up and see what she recommends.

Answer on What age can I get my son tested for allergies? 4 months old?

Kids can have allergies at a young age. Allergy meds aren't approved for kids under 6 months, but both of my kids inherited my seasonal allergies.
The doctors didn't want to put them through the testing, so they prescribed children's Zyrtec for their weight and told me if it helped, then their stuffiness, etc was caused by allergies. My 3 year old is now on children's Clariten and Nasonex.