Friday, April 18, 1997

Is it too much makeup or something?

so i put on eyeliner on da waterline n a thin line ontop of my eye den put a color eyeshadow to match my outfit then put on som mascara and lipgloss.. seriously, is tht too much 4 a teenager? evry1 b callin me lady gaga cuz my hairs also bleached so idk watz da prob :D n i mean guyz ask bout my makeup den dey say dey lik it? but lik it confuses mee? half da ppl think i luk nice witout makeup but most ppl lik me with.. some of my bfs evn said dey liked me btr wit makeup.. n idk wat wud luk btr..

so cn i plz get som suggestions and/ or oppinioins on wat 2 do? thank you

Answer on Is it too much makeup or something?

Hun, your not around your friends so save the ghetto for later. To answer ur question do whatever u think looks better, cause when it comes down to it all you have is yourself. Real talk.