Thursday, April 17, 1997

How many days should I work out a week and what is the best exercise to do to lose weight and get in shape?

How many days out of the week should I exercise and what would you recommend? I plan on jogging at least an hour a day followed by lifting weights at college. If I continue this for the next 30 days will this help me get abs? Also, since I'm in college and people tend to gain weight, how can I watch my diet if I'm not calorie aware of what I eat?

Answer on How many days should I work out a week and what is the best exercise to do to lose weight and get in shape?

Sounds like you have a decent exercise routine, but the real catch is to stick to it. AGAIN, STICK TO IT! Also, drink a lot of water, more than you usually do, and as far as the calorie intake, try the diet solution. I am doing it and lost 22 lbs already, still have more to go. I drink a ton of water and run almost every day. You just have to stick to it.

Good luck, hope that helps.

Why do i keep having dreams about my ex?

Last night I had a dream about my ex Removing me from Myspace.. we dated A few months back but we broke up over lil things.. and each time we would break up she would go out with another guy 2 or 3 days later.. And everytime i have a dream about her I feel the need to text her.. Last time we broke up was over some thing i said.. I mean i couldn't take it anymore she would always blame me for things lil things..But i love her to death Reason we broke up was i said " Why dont you go with him? he seems like a way better guy then me" So in turn she said "Wow i like how ur shipping me off" Now all day she was telling me how i dont entertain her.. at all i mean i try but it seems as im just boring her.. And she talks about her ex's alot like this one friend she has she said that him and her get along fine now.. And she is going to make him her BFB "best **** buddy" That pissed me off so much.. I just said gnight to her.. But i wanna know why do i keep having dreams about her its been over a month sense we talked.. i even sent her a sorry msg.. but she acted like she does not know me..

Thats all i would like to know is why is this happen

Answer on Why do i keep having dreams about my ex?

Just from reading you message there sounds like there's a lot of unfinished business that your subconscious is trying to sort out. If your thinking about her 5, 10, 15 times a day and still come to no healthy conclusion as to what is best for you, not her, not the us, but you then by the time you go to sleep your mind is still playing those tapes. over and over and over again. Listen, it's not your fault that she's being an immature b*tch. okay? i'm sure your not mr. perfect either. But relationships are not easy. relationships are where most of our growth as a human being come from. eventually, we start learning who we are and what we want and even more imortantly what we do not want in our life. Sooner or later, regardless of whether she is in the picture or not your going to have to make a stand for yourself and start treating yourself better. respect is key in life. I hope this helps. no overnight miracles but something to think about for ya.