Wednesday, April 2, 1997

35 weeks pregnant and no boy name, please help me out!?

I am 35 weeks along and really need to decide on boy names. If we have a girl she will be Viviann Nicole. Our first son is Gabriel Dante. We are just really having a tough time with boy names and cant seem to agree on any... DH is Dominican but Spanish names are not necessary of course we would use one IF we could find a nice one that is not HUGELY over used! We like names that can be abbreviated like Gabe for Gabriel Viv or Vivi for Viviann. Also we do not like overly popular names like Matt, John, Jacob, Juan, etc.

I like Elijah (Eli for short) but my husband hates it and said Elliot instead which I don't completely hate but also don't love and don't think the nick name Eli would work with it.

we also thought about Dominic but it just does not seem like the right name, also Jacoby is another we kind of like but don't love.

I seem to like older style names I like Caleb, Jeremiah, Julian, Elijah, Malachi, Ezekiel... ALL of which my husband hates.
My husband likes Calvin Drake and Elliot. Elliot is the only one I SEMI like.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer on 35 weeks pregnant and no boy name, please help me out!?

I was going to suggest the name Dominic before I even got through reading the question. It can be shortened to Dom or Nick. I think Dominic Gage sounds good!