Saturday, March 15, 1997

Chaos on the homefront..HELP!?

Any Mom's out there who can help me understand how to gain control over my home? Here is what I am having problems with:
-Disciplining my 2 kids ( I am trying, using methods from Supernanny, but having trouble keeping them under son is really ruff with his younger sister, and she screams bloody murder about everything, and they just can't get along). Most of that is cuz she can't talk yet (2 years old)...
- The house is in dis array, a mess. The laundry is so far behind, that there are baskets everywhere of clean or dirty clothes...the house work is behind, and I am having trouble getting caught up. I have a plan of action to get caught up. All planned out so I just do a certain amount everyday, but that certain amoutn doesn't seem to be making much difference.
-I am going to be homeschooling my kids...Am still learning how to start, and all.
-I have a 2 month old girl...
-My husband is against homeschooling, always complains about the house, is always telling me this or that needs to be done, when I already know it does, I just haven't gotten to it yet. He NEVER encourages me, never helps, never tries to understand.
-I am having problems with my blood sugar, it's too low a lot so I need to eat healthier snacks, I am anemic,so i need to up the iron in my diet or get iron pills, and I get migraines. I am always tired and worn out as a result of all this. My energy is always drained, and I feel overwhelmed with all of it like 90% of the time. I get dizzy spells, and am lightheaded a lot. I am on the verge of crying a lot.
-My son (4 years old) has PDD-NOS and autism spectrum disorder. He's high functiioning tho.
-My daughter has a speech delay, verbal apraxia. She can't say words, and that makes for lots of frustrating times.
-My patience is wearing out..I need help and it would be nice if I had some support from my other half. He won't encourage/support or try to help me...Makes ll smart alec remarks about my weight.

Answer on Chaos on the homefront..HELP!?

Tackle each problem individually. Try not to get overwhelmed by looking at the entire problem. First and most importantly take care of yourself. You know what you have to do. Get your iron pills and stop stocking any junk food in your house. Once you do that look at your meals and start finding ways to make your meals healthier. Find alternative, healthier solutions. In my case I now use Olive Oil in place of other oils or butter/margarine.

For the kids, if they can't play well together try and keep them separate. Every child has something that makes them happy. Try and separate them and give them their own personal activity time.

Make a habit of cleaning as you go. If your house is gotten too far behind consider hiring a service to come in and get you caught up. Even if it is a one time deal. If you don't want to spend the money perhaps you have some friends/family members that would be happy to help you get caught up.
Have your husband take the kids out once a week. My husband takes the kids out on the weekend to the park. Gives me a 3hr window to get caught up on anything I can't while the kids are gone. I even make myself a coffee to enjoy while I'm cleaning and crank up the tunes. As crazy as that sounds its actually very relaxing for me. Take that time to enjoy the silence.