Saturday, February 22, 1997

How can i lose "baby" belly fat the quickest?

i had my 2nd childa bout 4 months ago. i had a hard time getting the weight off. With my first son i gained more weight and didn't have half of trouble working it off...especially not this long! Pre preggo i was around 115lbs, i got up to about 165lbs with him. When i got home from the hospital and weighed myself i had only lost a total of 5 lbs (yet my son weighed 7lbs 12oz). Everyone just convinced me i was retaining alot of water weight and i would drop it within a week or so...i never did. I have tried eating healty and working out. I've been stuck around 135 for a while. I'm about 5'4. I don't want to get back down to 115lbs (as i always wanted to gain a bit of weigth to at least fill my clothes out). I'd like to lose about 10lbs but to be honest its not about how much i weight but how comfortable i feel. I'm overall still a small girl, no hips, thighs but my excess skin and belly fat makes me look like i'm 4 months pregnant. Of course i've never had a pinch of fat there before so having SOOO much is rather depressing. I've been trying not to try any supplements or pills but dieting and working out is no longer working. Its literally been a month since i've lost a pound or an inch. Anyways is there any tips on a strict diet or workout plan to help me target my belly and love handles from having a baby. thanks. Also please be SPECIFIC for instance what type of work out how long how many days. Thanks.

Answer on How can i lose "baby" belly fat the quickest?

The best things to specifically target your belly are crunches and swimming. I would recommend the crunches over the swimming. When you do crunches, cross your arms across your chest' Do NOT put your hands behind your neck, you can injure your neck that way. Stick your toes under the edge of the sofa if you need to to keep your feet on the ground, and alternate between bending toward each knee and to the center.

Just remember that it took 9 months to get that baby belly, so give yourself a break and don't expect it to take less than that to get close to where you started.

Also, people do plateau during a diet, so do not get discouraged and quit the dieting, just be patient (I know how hard that is!) and keep on doing what you've been doing. Be sure you aren't taking empty calories on board in sugary drinks or in snacks like potato chips that are basically vehicles for fat.

If you walk 30 minutes a day and just keep moving instead of sitting in front of the tv or computer all the time, you will up your metabolism. Building muscle will also up your metabolism, as muscle burns more calories. As muscle weights more than other tissue, it may be deceptive that you haven't lost may be toned more but weigh more from the muscle gain.