Tuesday, January 28, 1997


ok so were both 14 and heres the story its a good one so read

this girl who i didnt like when i first saw her and stuff suprisingly i started to like as i thought she liked me.she would say hi in the hallways and for a grab bag type of thing she said she had me and started to make conversation but i later found out she also did to 2 other boys.when we used to text about 4 weeks ago or 3 weeks ago the convos were great she always responded and stuff.then i told her i liked her and she said she dosent know me yet and you never know whats gunna happen we cant call it from now.so i thought **** im in the friendzone forsure.until at my friends table her friend told my friend that she had a crush on me and she told her friend to shutup and was blushing.maybe her friend might have done this as a joke to her because she knows i like her.But then when her friend walk out of the room she said that her friend likes me (she was joking and know that for a fact so i think she was just doing that because her friends did the same thing to her)idk tho.anyways we still text like every day and when it was a snowday we texted until like 3am. she always responds to my texts tho but sometimes there short responses like idk not like they used to be.sometimes when we texted she recipricated like for instance i told her that i made varsity soccer while im a freahman and told her she should come to our games and she said forsure biggest fan!!!

she also is friends with alot of 10th graders while were both freshman so idk i feel like there stealing her or like idk she rather go out with them because there older.also tonight i texted her goodnight sweet dreams and she responded hii goodnight.....

ok so now like a month later she went away on vacation and when she was i texted her sometimes being sweet like saying goodmorning and i was thinking about her and whenever i say something sweet she tells me back awwww. when i told her she isnt going to have service and that sucks because i wont be able to put a smile on her face when she wakes up she said "awww your so nice but il still have service so dont worry"

so back to now after winter vacation i feel like in school today we didnt really talk because im a pussy to go up to her but we did have small talk.what i realized tho is that she does talk to other boys like for a while in class so idk maybe she does like him more because hes good looking.

so tonight i texted her if she wanted to come running tommmorw with me and my friend and she said she couldnt because she was visiting idk but to me that sounds like bull what do u think. and btw it took her 40 minutes to respond so idk if that meens anything like she never takes that long to respond. so like 2 hours later i told her "ohh btw when u go at nights text me beforehand and i might be able to come if u need a running partner (depends on night tho) anyway enjoy visiting" and this was at 1028pm and she never responded what do you think that meens like she usally always responds and on her twitter she posted i dont know how to tweet this sophisticatedly but boys are so stupid


please answer i promise you i will give you 10 points


too long