Thursday, January 16, 1997

What will i do ? tell me the truth .?

Ok. I am 17 and when i was 13 i used to fancy this boy he was my friends younger brother who is a few months younger than me. I used to have a big crush on him but nothing happened and i moved on until a few months ago until we kissed on a night out but i never passed any remarks on it because i was drunk. But then at the weekend there we kissed again . I think im starting to develop feelings for him. But he is my friends brother . Everytime i go on facebook he is online but he never writes to me . So i take it he isnt interested or will i write to him first. I am quite shy and i usually wait for a boy to write to me first or approach me ? What will i do ?? Help !

Answer on What will i do ? tell me the truth .?

Well you have to break free of your shy shell one day. And when he might be shy too, so when he's on facebook he might be waiting for you to talk to him. Try to start a conversation with him. I'm sure if he kissed you twice, he must have some feelings for you too. And so he's your brothers friend, you can't help who you like.
Hope I helped. :)