Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Does a 1,600 Calorie Diet Safely Work?

I'm a male, 6'4" and about 250 lbs. I'm relatively active (jog 10 miles a week, walk 10 miles a week), eat relatively healthy (no processed foods, mainly organic). I'm trying to lose about 50 lbs. I'm not trying to do this super fast or in an unhealthy way. It's not so much a diet as just good nutrition and calorie reduction.

What I'm doing daily is:
Multi Vitamin
Fish Oil

Large mixed greens salad (no dressing)
Half avocado

Cup Mixed Nuts

Baked Chicken Breast, skin on, pepper and garlic salt seasoning
Steamed veggies
Glass of 1% milk

Now, I added this up to the best of my abilities and it seems to be about 1,600 calories. I feel satisfied and full and happy eating this way. However, I read a few articles that this few calories can cause health problems for people. Or that your body can think it's starving and not lose weight (which is the goal).

I would like all of your opinions and experience and knowledge.

Please leave answers and I will pick the best one for points. Please tell me what your expertise is also.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out with well though out, detailed answers.

Answer on Does a 1,600 Calorie Diet Safely Work?

you need more protein. you should eat between 80-100 g of protein per day.
i use sythna 6 protein powder for a shake in the morning to get extra protein. one of the guys i ride with uses it and a trainer at my gym uses it also.

i recommend going to a food monitoring site. i use you can put in your food and it will tell you if you are eating the right portions of things.