Monday, December 23, 1996

I need help, im in love with my best friend?

okay first off, im 17, she is 16 and is it normal to be in love with your best friend who ive know for as long i can remember, tow. ive keeped my feelings hidden from her . i noticed that i realy liked her when i was 14 and she was 13 . i didnt think much of it then. , weve always been close . our moms were close friends in high school and later in life. but we lost touch when i moved away and i found her on facebook. aparently they also moved not long after i did we now live 30min away frum each other, im looking for advice on what to do next .i realy like her and i dont want to go on lieing to her on how i feel, i think she might like me to but i dont want to risk our friendship. help plz.

Answer on I need help, im in love with my best friend?

Im not exactly the one to give you advice on this issue,(I was and still am in love with a close friend of mine, didn't reveal my feeling and now she moved all the way to Canada) but I'll tell you the advice that I've been getting. Tell her. You're lucky that she's only 30 minute away from you. Take this chance and tell her before either you or her move far away and then you won't get another chance. Try not to chicken out like I did.
Good luck =)