Saturday, October 26, 1996

Proven recipes for pinto beans?

I learned at my last doctors visit that I am pre-diabetic. So, a change in diet is in order.

My husband loves pinto beans and I have found out that they are really good for diabetics. So I would like to find some different ways to use them in our meals.

I've found some recipes online, but I would really like some proven recipes that are really good. I tried the pinto beans and ham bone with onions and cornbread and it was good. Salt is a no no in our house as well.

I would love to get some input! Thanks!

Answer on Proven recipes for pinto beans?

Soak dry beans overnight. Drain and put in crock pot. Add chopped onions, good beef sausage and can of Ro-Tel tomatoes. Also low sodium beef broth.