Tuesday, October 8, 1996

How long till i see results with insanity fitness?

Im currently doing the insanity dvd workout, i dont eat perfect but i dont eat junk food anymore.... i eat the odd meal of southern fried chicken goujon with chips but its not majorly bad small amount of fat.

I also eat like 5 biscuits (plain biscuits) and odd few sweets here and there... from my old diet this is a vast improvement... the rest i eat is healthy just dont eat enough veg.

Im in week 3 of insanity and im changing cardio abs to insane abs to try and get my flabby stomach flat... my stomach hardly sticks out just a little but its so flabby, it wobbles! lol.. i really want a lean stomach but atm its not working... im pushing really hard and i do football 3 times a week and rounders/badminton once each... so alltogether im doing like 11-14 workouts a week.

How long before i start getting harder stomach

Answer on How long till i see results with insanity fitness?

1 hour you should see results. If you don't, just go back and eat all the junk food you want.