Monday, August 19, 1996

I'd like to lose more weight, but everyone tells me to stop?

So I'm a 18yo female, who has the following measurements (in inches)
Bust: 40.6 (32G)
Waist: 29.9
Hip: 40.6
Height: 5"4
Weight: 159.6lbs

Originally I was 185lbs, and have been losing gradually for two years now. Only, everyone's telling me to stop, even though I'm still technically overweight - my goal is to be 143lbs. My dad says if I lose anymore, I'll fade away, and my mum keeps trying to sabotage my weight loss by serving me huge fatty meals. My friends say that I don't have to worry about being fat anymore so I shouldn't lose more weight.

Should I follow my instinct. and continue, or should I listen to everyone else?

Answer on I'd like to lose more weight, but everyone tells me to stop?

I think your family and friends should be more supportive since weight loss is something so important to you personally. They might be afraid you would take this too far and become one of many diet victims or, even worse, develop an eating disorder. Fair enough! But your measurements are fine, and if you still feel uncomfortable with your current weight, do go on and try to lose some more. But make sure you don't overdo it. Your target weight of 143 lbs sounds very reasonable.

Talk to your family and friends, tell them how you feel about this weight loss project and how important it is to you. You've been doing it for a year now, at a steady and healthy pace - they should be proud of you and definitely more encouraging. Good luck!