Friday, August 9, 1996

Why are gaga fans wishing death on other artists?

i am a gaga fan, but on the internet like youtube etc
gaga fans are wishing death on other artists esp britney, xtina etc
the things they say are horrible. e.g they are saying 'i hope britney dies in a house fire and hope she kills her two retarded sons'
they are saying similar things for other artists saying is she not dead yet? she is better of dead? etc
why? i am getting sick of it, its pathetic, and to wish death on someone just because you are a lady gaga fan?

Answer on Why are gaga fans wishing death on other artists?

Because they are threatened by other artists beating her. They can't just accept that there are better singers out there. I'm a Britney stan, and I get along with Christina stans and pretty much everyone else but Gaga's stans are just pathetic. They SPAM Britney's trending topic on twitter to get rid of it because they're scared that she'll beat Gaga. Some of them even say that she's better than Michael Jackson, which is proof that they're delusional. There are a few fans of hers out there that aren't insane, but not many.