Monday, July 29, 1996

OMG my friends parents are mistreating him! help!?

my friends parents are always strict but they are the kind that will show you love and support. recently my friend was surfing the web and was looking at porn. i was over his house when his parents went through his laptop and discovered he'd been watching porn, which i can understand why they are upset. they yelled at him and told him to go down in the basement, while i was in the house i peeked in the basement from time to time to find out they had been forcing him to eat rotten sausages while they scholded him. they were yelling "DRAKE I DARE YOU THROW THEM BACK UP! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, YOU KNOW WE DON'T ALLOW PORN, NOT EAT THOSE SAUSAGES i know it isen't my place to say much but really he needs help

Answer on OMG my friends parents are mistreating him! help!?

Well, i bet that's the last time he looks at know what you find int he basement... TROLLS... if serious thou ask your parents what they think.. thats why you have parents so they can help you with moral guidance.

Weight loss diet plan?

I need to lose 20 pounds i am 16 yrs old 5'9 and 192 pounds i need a diet plan that works so i can lose these 20 pounds in about 3 months please help.

Answer on Weight loss diet plan?


I graduated high school at 240 pounds and at 5 foot 3 that made me about as round as I was tall. I was one of those overweight teenagers who ate anything and everything without any regard to the effects it was having on my own body. Therefore, I began the diet pills, which did not work; I ate the special diet foods and even began drinking diet beverages. None of this stuff worked for me, just as it does not work for millions of overweight people. Eating less did not work and I was not one to work out or even get up and do anything remotely related to exercise. I knew I would look silly and it would hurt. I never thought or really cared about the health effects this would have on me, back then.

A year ago after a successful weight loss plan, now at 120 pounds, it is a major difference. I've lost 30 pounds in the first month. The most significant change in my life is the amount of energy I now have and the way my clothes fit loosely. Everyone close to me and people I haven’t seen in a while are amazed and tell me that I look really good. This is a life changing experience for me although at first I was skeptical about the weight loss plan.

Without getting too technical, there is a hormone produced by your thyroid gland called 'Thyroxine' that raises the metabolic rate of almost all the cells in your body. The weight loss program has proven to be effective in the short and long-term, without need to endure starvation and without any daily athletic workout. (But taking a light exercise every few days is highly recommended). Best of all you can eat what you most enjoyed without gaining any weight The weight loss program is affordable by all and do not need to pay a monthly fees to use it. In contrast to diet pills regime where you need to buy it on a regular basis and you will gain more weight when you stop taking it.

The success has inspired me to help others and you could contact me at if you need more details.