Saturday, July 20, 1996

Why is she doing this to me? need answers PLZZZ?

Why is she doing this to me?

so i met this girl a little over a week ago, and we hooked up, exchanged numbers etc. we texted on and off for a few days, but then she stopped texting me randomly, and so i moved on thinking she was not intrested... then randomly this past weekend she texts me, and we texted up until yesterday night when i said that i was tired and had to go to bed, but that i would call her tommorow (today) but i said it in a flirty way and she laughed and said that i should. She seemed intrested while texting So i did about 3hrs ago, and let it ring 5 times and she has not returned my call :( so i brushed it off thinkin that she would be busy (but shes on break) but then i go on facebook and check whos online to chat with, and their she is online, but still i ignore it, barely two minutes of me signing on facebook chat, she signs out, and i still havent gotten any reply from her. She usually takes a long time to text, but I called her at the only opportune moment and if she decides to get back i wont be able to talk, but i doubt she will. Why is she doing this to me, just when i gotten over her she comes back showing more signs of intrest, but then she does this...if she wants me why cant she just pick up the first time, and if she doesnt want me, why does she have to get my hopes up by texting me randomly with extra smiely faces and stuff... what should i do now, should i attempt to get over her, what are the chances of her texting me or even calling me back? should i text her in a couple of days pretending like this never happened. I really like her and wish it would work out, and its so fusterating to be left in the dark like this.

I think shes playing me, and if she is what do i say to her, if she texts again....

Answer on Why is she doing this to me? need answers PLZZZ?

Actually you should just text her tomorrow and say '' Hey I called, but you didn't answer lol." Then she will give you a reason, and you could probably ask her to hang out with you again (:. So its all good just make sure you two stay in contact.

If she seems to really be playing you then ignore her lol like dont answer her texts or take a long time to answer them. Also you can casually bring it up.