Thursday, June 20, 1996

I need a guy's help! -----------------> 10 points for best!?

Let's say you met a girl a year ago on a boat dance. You two hit it off and went on a lot of dates. By the time you had to go back to college, you've already held hands with her, made out with her and made her feel special with candlelight dinenrs and long dates. You two continue to talk while you're at school, but she starts contacting you more than you're comfortable with. You let her subtly know it's not cool and she backs off for a month. When you come home for Christmas break, she sends you a letter apologizing for overcontacting and sends a gift that's an inside joke between you two when you two were dating last summer. You two start contacting back and forth during the holidays until she over-contacts just once more. You don't reply and she stopped contacting, getting your hint. You like one of her Facebook statuses that she wrote on her Facebook page several weeks later and hadn't heard from her for the next 3 months, plus you're super busy with that semester too.

You're done with your 3rd year in college and after a month of being home, you get a package in the mail. It's a soccer ball with the message written on the patches "It would be a kick to go to a pro soccer game with you" (since the city you two live in just got a new major league soccer team). Would you go with this girl? Would you still be interested in her?

Answer on I need a guy's help! -----------------> 10 points for best!?

.I don't see why not. She's done nothing wrong.Except be over active a couple of times. In fact really I'd be wondering why she puts up with my moods