Tuesday, June 4, 1996

"Normal TSH" Low T4...treatment thoughts?

My TSH is 2.5 (reference range .450 to 4.500) and my T4 is .77 (reference range .82-1.77). My T3 is normal at 2.5 (reference range 2.0-4.4). A lot of patients say that a TSH under 1.5 is when they feel their best, but besides that, my T4 IS actually abnormal. My internist wants to put me on Armour Thyroid to for optimum thyroid health, or at least Synthroid to build up the T4. My endocrinologist is having a fit saying that because my TSH is normal, it means there is absolutely nothing wrong with my thyroid.

I have diagnosed pituitary disease (ACTH deficiency and on steroids to treat it), and I am in my early 30s, overweight and still gaining despite a very restricted diet, autonomic nervous system dysfunction causing heart problems, I have cuts & bruises that never heal and I'm constantly cold with my hair falling out. My grandmother had severe hypothyroidism in her 20s and had a thyroidectomy in her early 40s.

Given my symptoms, my family history, and my host of health problems, doesn't thyroid disease seem likely? I can't figure out why my endocrinologist is being this way. She said I should not take any thyroid medication at all, yet can't explain herself.

Any advice? Thank you.

Answer on "Normal TSH" Low T4...treatment thoughts?

You could be in normal range .3 - 3 per TSH, but that is not the whole story......you need test for antibodies...Endo will know. If he/she refuses, get another Endo.