Saturday, April 13, 1996

What is the law on carrying knives in Italy?

Hi there

I'm getting married in Venice in april next year. Being scottish I intend to wear traditional highland kilt dress. A part of the traditional highland outfit is the Sgian Duhb - a short 4/5 inch knife that is worn in the sock. Does anybody know if this would be allowed in Italy? Do they have any special rules on carrying knives?

Answer on What is the law on carrying knives in Italy?

ok.theorically it's not legal.
on the other hand, if you're dressed like that, trust me, no carabiniere or policeman will stop you.
law is something in italy has to be interpretated sometimes. obviously sometimes it happens too much, but in cases like yours it's a good thing. rules exists to help people, but sometimes braking rules helps people as well. in england you will find no bus driver who wait 13 secs for you're friend who's running with the baggage. in italy you do.