Wednesday, April 10, 1996

I have no idea how to work my Kin Two!?

I just got the Kin Two by verizon and even after reading the user manual there's still some things I need help with:

1) Is there a button that can take you straight to the home screen?
2) After I'm done using the browser/internet, how do I close out of it so it stops running? Otherwise it will just never stop running and I would be wasting all my MBs or GBs or whatever for that month and running my bill up
3) Does subscribing something to "the Loop" cost money? Like adding facebook or twitter to it?
4) Where is "the spot?" I can't find mine or make it show up

If ANYONE has any answers to this, especially number 2, please help me out! thank youuu :)

Answer on I have no idea how to work my Kin Two!?

Why do you have that phone?

If you read the reviews, they said those are the worst phones ever. Thats why they got discontinued.