Wednesday, March 20, 1996

Why does my boyfriend act like this?

ok i love my boyfriend with all my heart, but he;s just so mean sometimes. he will joke around with me all the time about cheating and other girls and stuff. he'll say im ugly and that he's bored with me and that he's tired of me. he will call me every name out there when he's mad. he almost breaks up with me all the time. when he doesn't have minutes to text, i have to text him and tell him what im doing. i cant talk to guys, have guy friends. laugh at anything funny that a guy said. cant straighten hair at school, no jeans with holes above knee., no skirts, no shorts. cant text other Friends while texting him. cant hang up on him.
but yet, he always hangs up on me when he's mad, and he has tons of girls that are Friends with him on myspace, and i was never allowed to have guys friends. so what is the reason for all this?

Answer on Why does my boyfriend act like this?

You relationship is unhealthy and not worth it. This boy is emotionally and mentally abusive...he is messing with your mind. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be. You love him...hmm...just because you love him does not mean you have to put up with his bullcrap or that he is meant for you. What you have for him may be love but he does not love you back. He is being controlling which is a sign that he is not well.

He has an insecurity and he has the issues. No one can give you the exact reason why...but why do you want a reason...all you need to do is recognize that he is an asshole. Stop making excuses for him. When he tells you you are ugly and he is cheating he is telling you the truth in a f-cked way. He is cheating on you and he does feel that way. He keeps you around because he knows you will deal with his ******** those other tricks as you can tell dont stick around.

You need to get some confidence and self-esteem because if you had any you would leave. And I can tell you that because I have been there done that. He talks trash to you to break you down to dirt. Let me guess after he makes you feel like crap he tells you he is sorry. That he did not mean to but you made him upset.

You did not name one good quality about this boy and you want him still...think about it?

ANSWERS ASAP PLZ!:does he like me back his friends are teasing US! NEED ANSWERS ASAP PLZ BY TOMORROW!?

ok yesterday his friends are teasing me about my crush(travis) saying that im a step down from the people travis has gone out before,that i got a ****, im gay, **THIS ALL HAPPENED IN CLASS**

then at lunch they were teasing me and all that Travis was doing with moving closer to me then we had a break and they weren't teasing me but i was talking to my friends and travis comes up and gets really close to me and says what we talking about!

then today was walking to class with my friends andTravis was on the other side of the hallway, me and my friends were talking and travis turned his head looked at me and then turned his head back.
then at lunch travis was like,"i can only call my girlfriend a hoe then his friend drake said stephanie's your girlfriend. then he was playing with my ipod and he seen some justin bieber games on it and he ONLY deleted one




Answer on ANSWERS ASAP PLZ!:does he like me back his friends are teasing US! NEED ANSWERS ASAP PLZ BY TOMORROW!?

Yes he does