Tuesday, February 20, 1996

How do Italian schools work?

What are the schools and what ages do they cover, like in America it goes:
Pre school- 3-4
Kindergarten- 5
Elementary- 6-10
Jr. High (Middle/Intermediate School)- 11-13
High School- 14-17
College- 18-21
What do they have in Italy? What are they called, what ages are the people in them, and are there any big tests they take? Like here there's the ELA and SATs and things, what do they have in Italy?

If it's a lot I'm sorry, I need to know for a report on Italian education.

Thanks! :)

Answer on How do Italian schools work?

I'm Italian and the ages are:

Pre schools: ASILO NIDO= 3/4 asilo nido
INFANCE SCHOOL= 4/5/6 scuola dell'infanzia
Primary schools: 6/7/8/9/10 scuola primaria / elementare
Secondary schools: 11/12/13 scuola media
High School 14/15/16/17/18 liceo / scuola superiore
University 18+ universita

There are exams:
- at the 3° year of Secondary School (middle school- scuola media)
- at the 5° year of High School (liceo or scuola superiore)
- at the University (naturally not just one)

Sorry for my English, I'm only 13... Bye :P