Friday, February 16, 1996

Yoga for muscle toning?

I was wondering how well yoga works for muscle toning? Note: NOT weight loss. I actually have lost 20lbs in the past 8 months and I am at a perfect weight! I am 5'3" 135 and the smallest I've ever been, even despite being quite athletic in my teen years. Now I just want to tone my smaller figure without getting bulky. I did yoga in college and loved it... but let's just say that the college + beer lifestyle resulted in me not being very slim, haha. So while I felt great I never saw physical results since I didn't do cardio to burn fat.

So with that said. Since I am at a nice size/size I want to be, will yoga be effective in just toning my figure? I went to my first class of the New Year today and feel great!


Answer on Yoga for muscle toning?

Yoga can make you feel better, but it is mainly for stretching your joints and muscles rather than toning them. For that, you would need more rigorous exercise, like weight training, aerobics and static exercises specifically targeting the muscles you want.