Wednesday, December 27, 1995

How do I make up with my best friend? D:?

Well. So me and my best friend got into a fight. My OTHER friend edited a picture of me and her and wrote a cheesy poem around it. The person who I'm in a fight with, she saw the picture, she wasn't in it. The other girl's her best friend too. We 'talked' about it on Facebook after that and it got to the point where I said that before she'd given me a virtual trophy thingy and in the description of that, she wrote that we were going to be best friends forever. She answered to that by saying: 'We all make mistakes? :pp'
I got pretty mad at that.
So I deleted her off Facebook.
And sent her a message saying, 'I've given up with this, if you want me back in your life, tell me. Bye.
I didn't get a reply.

That was a mistake.
I Really REALLY miss her.

..But if I add her to my friends again etc..
I don't really have the guts to actually.

...Anyone help in some way? :\

Answer on How do I make up with my best friend? D:?

If you really want to be her friend text/phone her up .. or facebook message her back .. just saying that you want to put it all behind you. If you actually can't be doing with her childish ways .. don't and leave it to cool down before saying anything.

I mean .. we all make silly mistakes when we were teenagers and we all take it too seriously. Just be the bigger person and make friends.

Because it seems like you miss her like crazy .. and we all need a good friend. x x