Thursday, December 21, 1995

What is the meaning of this dream? ( kind of long)?

It begin with me at this coaches house. From what i saw he was a football coach. We was talking about something then some of the players came in. he introduced me to them.Then he started to hit them and fuss at them. I felt kinda awkard because he was just beating on them and treating them bad in front of me. But one guy i already knew. Apparently he was an ex or we used to "talk" but it ended kinda bad because as him and 2 other guys came in, he went and sat on the couch along with the guys and started talking junk about me. Then i responded and me and him went back and forth arguing. I told him off and told him my boyfriend( i didnt even know i had one but i said it) was coming to get me. I turned around and told my best friend( she is an associate in real life but i havent seen her in years) to get up we was about to leave. I walked out the door and this car pulled up . It just so happen to be my boyfriend. He was tall , kinday scrawny and kind of resembled the rapper drake. I went and got in then i asked but still telling him at the same time that he would have to take my bff home to. He really didnt want to and he asked me where she lived. she lived in a town about 10 miles from where we was. He really didnt want to but i talked him into agreein to do it. We sat there waiting for my bff. It took her forever to come out the house. She finally came out and got in the back seat and we was off. My boyfriend just started talking i was feeling awkard so i just briefly responded and said like uh huh mmhmm yea. He was just lookin at me . Then my bff started talking to him and they was talking while i was watching the road. It started raining really hard. i was getting scared but then i said to myself i trust my man and he can drive. Then he turned on another road and was heading somewhere else. I didnt say anything. The weather just kept getting worse and it started to get foggy and the road seemed to get more narrow and i was like oh my. Then we had to cross this bridge it looked like a giant Q-tip. He stopped. I said in my head OH LORD. Then he looked at me and asked me if i trusted him to get us over the bridge. I was like yes i trust you.Then i closed my eyes and kept saying to myself over and over I trust him I love him. then i opened my eyes so he would be assured that i trust him even though i was scared. We crossed that little bridge. Then he turned into the spot where it looked like a big carnival was going on. It stopped raining and the sun came out. We all got out of the car. He stripped down into some swimming trunks and went to this section where a lot of water was being thrown at people and people was hosing each other down with water. My bff stripped down into a bikini and joined him. I just looked at her cause i know he would be looking. He looked at me and backed away from her then he was trying to get me to join. I was like no. I didnt want to get wet nor did i want to strip down because i didnt feel comfortable showing a lot of skin in public. Then a yellow bikini/sundress or whateva appeared. he was still wanting me to join. I just refused and sat in the chair and watched them have fun. Then My bff started touching him. then he touched her back and started grabbing on her behind. I got up and just walked off upset. he stood there and just watched me walkaway. Then about 2 minute later he came after me. I walked until i almost got to the road then i collapsed on the grass and started crying. he put his arms around me trying to consol me. I moved his hands and got up. he grabbed me by the arm and then he just wrapped his arms around me and held me close. He started to apologize then he stopped cause he could tell i wasnt trying to hear that. Then all of a sudden near our stomach area we both started to glow and it was like our souls just became one. Then i started seeing flash backs of the day we met and on each anniversary of us being together we kissed and different outfits i had on that looked cute and stuff. apparently we had been together for 4 long years.It was like i was in his head. Then he just held me and thats when i woke up

Answer on What is the meaning of this dream? ( kind of long)?

A giant q-tip a giant q-tip, was so fresh that i could smell the time periods value all over the city like a madman