Saturday, December 9, 1995

Atkins questions?

If you've tried this plan, how much did you lose during initiation?
Did you get ill (colds/virus') while on it? Do you have any links for good Atkins recipes for veggies/side-dishes?

I've been on it about a month. I've stuck to the diet religiously but I'm so sick of chicken, beef patties, eggs, etc. I've only lost about 5 pounds. Is that normal? I only had about 15 pounds to loose total so I'm wondering if that's why the small weight loss?
Also, since switching from a diet full of veggies & fresh fruit, to one mostly protein, I've had two horrible colds. I'm wondering if my immune system has decreased due to lack of veggies. I still take a multi-vitamin.
Anybody had a similar experience or know helpful advice or links? Thanks for the replies.

Answer on Atkins questions?

I am hypoglycemic. He calls it metabolic resistance. So, I have essentially to stay on Phase one, for 20 months now.

I feel great. I lost around 35 pounds, only about a pound a week maximum.

On page 267, 1992 book, he specifically states that vitamin shortages can cause lots of colds and viruses.

You said "a multi-vitamin"? The 1992 book somewhere said like 4 multivitamins a day. I missed it, and now that I wanted to find it again, can't find it, so it is well hidden. I was taking only one a day, and felt terrible. Then, somewhere I ran across the word (4) and as soon as I started 4 a day, I felt great. Recently, I ran across a Vitamin A warning, and so have dropped to 3 a day to keep A under suggested limits.

Let me tell you what I take for supplements, Phase one.

4 of 500 mg Vitamin C. Wal-mart Spring Valley SKU 78742 43627

3 mulitivitamins, wal-mart equate for Centrum Silver. Wal-mart Equate SKU 81131 7791 The silver is designed for older people, maybe you can use regular.

4 Calcium with Vitamin D. Walmart Spring Valley. It is low on Vitamin D, but with a good price, I calculated the multivitamins give me the Vit. D. SKU 78242 63438 I started with one, and broke a couple teeth. So, I went to 4 a day. Don't scrimp on calcium, since you can't drink milk.

2 Wal-mart equate Stool Softener Docusate Sodium 100 mg each. SKU 81131 77645

I have a real problem with constipation. So, I also take 16 a day of Wal-mart Equate Fiber Therapy, compares to Metamucil except in price. SKU 81131 77922

You can get an even better price at Sam's Club, though brand name will differ.

That is a lot of pill swallowing, but I feel so doggone good I don't mind at all. When I started, I could only swing a pick axe like 20 minutes then had to go take a long, long siesta. (I am 64.) Now, I can work three or four hours then run down town for my wife.

My bp came down from 130/72, last week it was 105/66. I don't snore as much any more.

I recommend you get Wal-mart Ketone, RELION BRAND. test strips in the diabetic section. Atkins called them Lipolysis strips. I don't have the SKU because its on the box, and I tossed it away. Hold them in the urine stream and time it for 15 seconds. I never got over 40, which is really low. Normal people boom up to 160.

I actually at one time started gaining weight though I was burning fat per the Ketone test strips. I finally realized I was actually gaining muscle with all my manual labor.

Then, I stopped burning fat with a lot of stomach left. I had always thought in terms of not counting calories, but finally decided to add up my calories. I was eating 1500 calories just for breakfast. I cut back to a 700 calorie breakfast, and was not hungry, and started burning fat again. So, obviously, I had been overeating.

If you are bored, look up your choices again. If you can afford it, a really good steak is delicious. Tuna with 0 carb mayonnaise gives you a change. There are a number of fishes which can be tasty. Corned beef. A dill pickle piece, calculated not to have too many carbs can be tasty. Mustard can also be tasty and some brands are 0 carbs. You can, with care, make deviled eggs with zero carbs, but I tend to way overeat.

Hope this helps. Do look at the book for ideas of tasty things you can eat. I love chicken cooked in the crock pot, so I am lucky. I also love eggs, and make at times breakfast sausage from ground pork, with a special recipe of spices and Morton's tenderquick.

Depending on what you find for calories, if you are lucky, you should be able to eat a few leaves of lettuce every day. Sam's club has a fair price on what is still a luxury item, macadamia nuts.

I have to admit I am lucky that I can eat the same thing every day, since we are in a small mountain village in Mexico, and there is just not a wide variety of foods here.