Saturday, November 18, 1995

How do you get subscribers?

Any tips on how to get subscribers besides:
get a twitter or facebook or tumblr
comment on other videos
make good videos
have a good camera

If you have an idea besides that please let me know is my channel by the way

Answer on How do you get subscribers?

You have to find your viewers. Part of it is luck. Advertising by sending messages to people who watch similar videos telling them to check out your channel. It takes a lot of time. If your videos are funny/good enough, other people will start promoting for you. Writing to people and communicating to the audience that would be interested in your vids is how you do it. Go to a popular youtube account that is similar to yours, and send messages to the people that are watching those videos. You might get one hit out of every 20 people you send. But curiosity usually gets the better of people.

Make sure your material is good.
Put an effort in what you put out there. Quality over quantity.

Advertise on blogs, send bulletins out on social networking sites.

You just really have to promote yourself. It's hard work at first.

Some of it is luck. If it really appeals to the masses, they will sell it for you. You have to find something that everyone is invested in currently and then make a video of it. People will search for what they are invested in and might stumble upon your video.