Saturday, August 19, 1995

What to do about trip to Italy with my mom?

So my mom and my uncle are best friends and have been since they were kids. They never get to see eachother because my family lives pretty far from where my uncle lives. Well my uncle and his gay partner are thinking about moving to Italy and they invited my mom to come see it with them before they move there so they bought her a plane ticket. My life has been really bad lately because the area I live in is very catholic and most of the girls around here are like really cattie catholic school girls. So mom felt bad and asked me to come to Italy with her. She got my plane ticket and didn't tell my uncle because his cell phone doesn't work there. She just emailed him today asking if it's okay for me to go (not that he had a choice because my ticket was non-refundable). The last time I saw my uncle was 6 years ago and I was like a really winney brat back then, but i'm 16 now and i've matured a lot. But now i'm really embarrassed to see him because of that, and because this trip was supposed to be for him and my mom and his partner..what should I do?

Answer on What to do about trip to Italy with my mom?

No need to be embarrassed, kids act stupid/bratty all the time. Good for you for being so mature and looking at how you've grown, and for appreciating the way you treat others. You sound like a great girl. Enjoy Italy, take in the sights.... those cute Italian guys will sure be a nice break from catty school girls! :)