Friday, July 21, 1995

I want the perfect body by summer?

First of all I'm 16 years old, 116 pounds, and I'm only 5 feet tall, which sucks. But I want to lose some weight, maybe down to 105-110. But I want a toned body. I recently joined my high school track team, and I'm doing distance, we started about 3 weeks ago. About how many calories a day should I eat and what sorts of foods? Also will running help with fat loss? I really want to look good and wear a bikini this summer. Our practices are around 90-120 min each day except weekends. So any tips please, I'd really appreciate it. Also I want to lose the weight HEALTHILY. And please no spam.

Answer on I want the perfect body by summer?

People who span you aren't even going to read the details. And even if they did they're not gonna be like "oh well she doesn't want spam, so i guess i won't post it."

I think long distance running is the best way to loose weight personally. As far as eating, just make sure you have a well-balance low-fat diet. I think fancy diets are dumb. They're just marketing ploys. You should know if something is healthy or not and if it's not, don't eat it. There's also nothing wrong with not feeling completely full after ever meal. I'm saying starve yourself, just don't stuff yourself either, even if it's healthy food. Make sure you only rarely eat sweets. Never eat fast food. For a great, toned, overall body, I would recommend swimming. swimmers are know for having good bodies and it's a really good full body workout. It also burns a lot of calories, not as much as running, but the plus side is that it works out more muscle in your body. running mainly just works out your legs. just make sure you don't get big shoulder; lots of times i see female swimmers with muscular shoulders.

They hardest part is just sticking to your weight loss regiment. It's really easy to say, "oh, i'll just eat this one cupcake, it's cool" or "i can skip my workout this time, i've got a lot of homework." you can't do that. you have to be extremely motivated and determined. If it was easy, everyone would have perfect bodies and there'd be no fat people.