Sunday, June 25, 1995

Confused... What's going on here?

This person I met at choir (the director) seemed interested in me. We're both single and the same age. We flirted and talked a bit. I then decided to add him on facebook 2 weeks ago, and my request is still pending. He has been on facebook since I've asked him because he's changed his profile picture and added other people from the choir.

I'm not coming back to choir because I didn't pass a stupid audition. (The lady that assessed me was a jealous cow with no musical background anyway. She didn't pass me because she had this personal thing against me of being much younger and more attractive than her.)

I don't get what's going on. I still have feelings for the director. I don't get why he won't either accept or reject my request. Surely if he didn't want to be my friend, he'd reject it. I don't get why he's leaving me in limbo. One minute he's flirting and extremely friendly, now he's acting like a jerk - and I don't know why.

Also, the other day, the director sent me a letter to aplogise about me not making the choir. He sent the letter to my address and at the back there was no address or name. I didn't know who it was from til I opened it. What the?! Is he scared if I know his address or something?! How strange.

Someone please explain what's going on?!

Answer on Confused... What's going on here?

Send him a message on facebook if you really want to know.

I'd guess that he's sad you didn't make it but isn't giving much thought to you. So either message him or move on.