Monday, May 29, 1995

How do i become friends again with the girls i fell out with?

I'm in secondary school and i don't have a lot of friends. In lunchtime i don't hang around with anyone so i go to the library and just sit down. i pretend and i say that another teacher sent me to the library because I'm not allowed to go outside because my leg might get hurt as I've got medical reasons. But when i go on FaceBook, i see that i miss out on a lot. in year 7 and most of year 8, i was friends with these girls, but i fell out with them. now i said sorry to some of them, some of the girls speak to me, but the ones that don't are becoming close to the popular girls which i fell out with as well because they said that I'm not their type of girl because I'm too quiet.
there was this girl that was in the popular group but they fell out with her, the whole school hated her because the popular girls hated her. i became friends with her. because she was the only person that was open to me and everyone hated me for it. but then that girl found some new friends and i didn't like at all and she just left me when she found better friends. now the popular girls blessed it all out with her again.
i want to become close to my friends from year 7 and 8. they go out to the popular girls to Nando's and everything in the holidays. i don't know what to do. i have no friends that would Evan want to hang around with me. my cousin is coming to my school and i dont want her to see that im a low life. i really want to become close to my old friends and slowly hang around with them. i dont know what to do with my school life. (PLEASE HELP ME!!)

Answer on How do i become friends again with the girls i fell out with?

what to do wth your school life?
continue learning, youre there to learn
not kiss


im a international student in UK.I have being here about few months.
Can i use Euro tunnel(ex-folkestone-calais)to go Napoli,italy?
Do i need to have a visa?
Please describe me how to do it?
havnice dayeday!!

Answer on Can i use EUROTUNNEL?

Eurotunnel can only be used if you have a vehicle (a car or a motorbike). It's best to book in advance from their website, although at less busy times you can just turn up and buy tickets at the departure point. It has its own exit from the M20, so you'd drive down there. Once in Calais, you are next to the autoroute, and you can take the (very long) drive down to Napoli.

You will need a passport, and depending on your nationality you may need a visa - in particular a British visa does not give you the right to go to France and Italy. On the plus side, if you do need a visa, you'll only need one, as France and Italy are in the Schengenzone.