Sunday, May 7, 1995

Help with Batman Trading Cards/Merchandise?


I have been going through all my old Trading Cards and stickers (All UK) and I came across some Batman Items that I would like to get some information on.

They are a set of Batman Iron-on transfers. I think I can remember that 1 came included with a packet of stickers.

They are made by Merlin Stickers. (Printed in Italy by AMZ Editrice).
They are dated 1989. They are of things like the joker, Pink Joker Van, Logo, Batmobile etc (all from the 1989 movie)

I have looked on Ebay and on the internet but I cant find any information. I have a friend who is into comics, trading cards etc and he thinks they are very rare. It would be good to get some information on them.

I know they are 100% genuine as I remember buying them when I was a kid. I just cant find info from Merlin or Trading cards sites!!!

If anyone has any idea or no of anyone I could email to get information from I would be appreciate it.


Answer on Help with Batman Trading Cards/Merchandise?

I am not sure but you can probably try a blog site or use the power of google to find plenty of useful and helpful sites for you to use. Good Luck!