Thursday, April 6, 1995

Small steps to weight loss, help?

So I'm fat, and I'm trying to lose weight because I feel that if I lose weight that I can buy better clothes, and just be more healthy in general and look good. So I'm taking steps, I'm broke and I can't find a job, I'm going to college and live with my parents, so I have no choice but to eat as they are which is a lot of fattening stuff. I've been trying to cut it out of my diet, but every time I do I sling back, like sodas, I always sling back into drinking soda, and I want to stop drinking them FOR GOOD, not less or not once in a while(ok maybe once in a while). So I'm doing water for now on, how do I cut soda out completely, stop the urges to drink it. Greater self control tips?

Answer on Small steps to weight loss, help?

I gave up soda too. But there are other ways of having it without the sugar and sodium. You can make your own flavored soda with club soda and a variety of flavored stevia extracts, which you can find in health food stored or just look it up online. Basically, they are zero calorie sweetened flavors. They come in all kinds of flavors and I wouldn't be surprised if they had a cola flavored one.

Water is always a good choice. It always helped me to drink an entire bottle of water right before and right after I ate my meals. It fills up your stomach and makes you feel fuller. And everytime you think you feel hungry, stop and think if you are really hungry or just thirsty. Drink a bottle of water and wait 10 mins. If you are actually hungry, grab a filling snack, like some white meat chicken or turkey, maybe a greek yogurt with a touch of honey. Greek yogurt is really good for you and fills you up like a charm.

If soda is your greatest downfall, then you should definitely allow yourself to have one every once in a while. You can really appreciate it if you set a time in the day to enjoy it by putting it in a fancy glass with lots of ice, to make it seem like more. Sip it through a straw and just enjoy it. And also, DO NOT think that switching to diet soda will be better. IT'S NOT. It makes you crave more sweets and, because of the sodium, causes you to retain more water... thus causing weight gain.

The most important thing in any weight-loss program, though you may hate it, is exercise. whether it's just walking or any other light activity. You can't keep weight off unless you get moving. Exercise is not just for weight loss. It is for overall long term health. It builds confidence and relieves stress. I promise that after you push yourself through a grueling, nightmare of a work out, you will not regret it. It will make glow and will make you immensely stronger.

GOOD LUCK! It's so worth it!