Thursday, March 23, 1995

How do i draw justin bieber?

a detailed but easy to understand step by step guide and no links please thxs

Answer on How do i draw justin bieber?

@ Balla,
What if you're not caucasian and Canadian ;)? Jkjk.

Anyway, I'm an artist, but drawing a person is hard when you don't know basic shapes.
Start off with sketching the guidelines, so take a picture of Justin Bieber and measure the angles his eyes are. Draw a straight line. Same goes for the angle of his face, measure it vertically and draw a straight lined down about the middle of the eye lines.

Then sketch out the basic shape of the face, the eyes..etc. Detail it more, and you have a sketch. Just google : "How to Sketch A Portrait," and you'll see what I'm talking about.