Friday, March 10, 1995

I'm illegal immigrant want to move & live in uk legaly is any one there who can help me to come up this mass

I was in uk few years a go keeping my tourist visa & working out of the book. so I did try to sort out my visa problem diffrent way. but it didn't work I went back to my home country wich is south asia.I came back again to italy & working as a illegal immigrant beacuse I need to help out my family.I coudn't help staying home with out helping my younger brother & now I want to be back to uk & work full time & like to study part timecause I can't study full time beacuse of my family.I hope is there any one who can help me or giveing me a advice & show me a path to my destination. it would be realy great.

Answer on I'm illegal immigrant want to move & live in uk legaly is any one there who can help me to come up this mass

It's going to be quite tough. The best way would be to come on a student visa, this allows you to work, maybe only part-time, but actually no-one is likely to check how many hours you work. The only problem is, to get a visa you have to have been accepted to study by a bona fide educational institution - one which charges you fees! - I think the cheapest is around ?3,000 a year. There used to be a scam where you could pay a few hundred pound to register with a 'college' that didn't actually have any teaching staff, and they'd give you the registration document with which to apply for a student visa - it's unlikely to work now, the Home Office will normally only accept documents from an istitution on their approved list. The Home Office will need to be satisfied that you are really intending to study, and that you can support and accommodate yourself WITHOUT working. Sponsorship might be useful, someone here that can offer you accommodation and living expenses. But even then, nothing is guaranteed.

If you have previously been deported, this is likely to count against you. Also, I guess if you apply from Italy, they may be suspicious that you are there illegally, which wouldn't be helpful.

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I might suggest staying on in Italy, or you could easily move to France, Spain or Germany, or Holland. Or check out Ireland.

Good luck!