Thursday, February 23, 1995

Should I try to contact him again?

Im gonna try to make this as short as possible with out making it confusing, but im not sure how thats gonna work. :P

Anyway, awhile ago I met this guy named Jake. We both admitted we had feelings for each other and talked every single day for a month. Eveuntally he told me he made out with some other girl and liked her more than me. I didnt talk to him for a month, but he messaged me yesterday saying he felt bad & stuff. The conversation didnt really go anywhere, but I just feel like I need to know if were going anywhere, meaning if were ever gonna talk again. I tried to text him, but I didnt get any reply. I know he was having problems with his phone before, but last time I talked to him it was working.

My question is, though, should I send him the same thing I texted him on facebook? I know I wont see him in person anytime soon...I just want him to know that I am trying and I do want things to work out but at the same time I dont want to bug him or seem desperate.

Answer on Should I try to contact him again?

don't do it..and stop trying to rationalize why he hasn't called back. If it was important he would have done it right away. It seems like your a back up plan