Tuesday, February 14, 1995


-Asked me for my phone number
-Made eye contact while talking to me
-Smiling while talking to me
-Stared at me,and when i caught him he kept on looking at me and he didnt care if our eyes met


-Ignores me
-After he saw me flirting with some boys,he started flirting with another (texting her,always talking to her)
-Stares at me from a far
-Stares while im passing by
-When i rarely talk to him he smiles and laughs at my lame jokes
-When a friend of mine told him "u and her make the perfect couple",he smiled and blushed a little
-He calls me annoying
-When i told him i was moving to my country this summer i was like "u happy?" and he said "yeah kinda" sounding happy yet sad (we were on the phone,i called him)
-When i called him on the phone,we really didnt have something to talk about so we were quiet and he didnt hang up,he was still on the phone
-He rejected me all the times i asked him if he liked me
-Yesterday he looked at me in the hall before going to' class

-A friend of mine said that he was talking him(my crush) and for some reason he mentioned me saying "why does she always talk about me?" and my friend was like "actually,she doesnt mention you at all" and he was like "for real ? o.o".He brought me into the conversation even though they were talking about a complete different thing
-When i told him on the phone that i might b moving back to Italy this summer i was like "u happy?" and he said "yeah,i am" he sounded excited yet sad.
-Yesterday when we passed by each other,i turned around to look at him.and i saw that he turned around too,and when our eyes met he was smiling!
-Ive met his friends after i told him i liked him,and they all started talking to me (espicially his bff) and they all like me,and they r really nice
-Everytime im behind him,,his best friend tells him that im behind him and he turns around before his bff finishes the
-Yesterday when we were walking home ,I grabbed him four times by the arm cuz he was speeding up and he smiled at me...then the fourth time he looked pissed big time.but he was still looking at me
-Today the girl that he always flirts with told me that they were talking yesterday and she told me that he dared her to be in a relationship with her on facebook O.o

Whats wrong with this kid?

Answer on Ok........REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Just delete him off of Facebook and avoid him in public.

TBH: The only thing I read was the title, "Whats wrong with this kid?" and "facebook O.o"