Friday, January 20, 1995

Thinking about joining the Navy, but...?

I am a junior in high school, I took the AS-VAB, and I received a 78 on it.

But, what job is a good job to try to get? I am not very intelligent with autos, so like fixing planes or whatever it is they do isn't exactly my cup of tea. I would like a traveling job, where you go to cool places, preferably outside the continental US, such as Japan, Hawaii, Italy, Alaska?

Also, an Un-biased list of Pros and Cons of joining the Navy, please be balanced and fair :)

And the physical requirements for joining the Navy, do they require to be a certain weight to join, i'm over weight, in fact under weight. Do you have to be able to, I don't know bench a lot?

Also about this "A" school, do they allow you to have civilian items, such as cell phones, laptops, civilian clothes?

Also, if you have a car and you are deployed to an overseas country, are you allowed to get it deliver?

Also, how is the "barracks life?" Are you allowed to go out and do stuff, and how is the housing arrangements, do you have you own room?

Also, how is the collage money they talk about so much, i hear them say you can get up to $ 50,000, i like the 50,000, but I don't like the up to part of the statement, when they say up to, does that mean you might just get like $5,000?

Sorry about the amount of questions, big decision, would like all my facts.

Answer on Thinking about joining the Navy, but...?

you are getting way ahead of yourself.

The ASVAB line scores( and other factors) determine what ratings you are eligible for. when you sit down with the Classifier at MEPS he will goive you 4 or 5 that are currently available. so it is in your best interest to study and do as well on the ASVAB as you can to open up themost opportunties.

Yes there are height/weight standards. you must be UNDER the max to ship. as for being under the minimum.. yes you can be too thin, but that rarely happens, and if it does it is because you are unhealthily too skinny. as for physical prowess.. no.. there are minimum run times but that's about it.. no bench pressing required, in fact the PRT is pushups, sit ups and a run( although once you are in the Fleet you MIGHT get to swim instead of run)

after you have arrived at A school you will be told what you can and cannot have sent to you, but for the most part,yes those items are allowed although not in the school room.

cars OCONUS: for deployments NO. for Permanent duty stations: depends on the country and the command's policies. Japan, for instance, no cars are pemritted to be brought over, period. other countries, well if you are single or below a certain paygrade they may not allow it either. IF you are eligible ONE POV will be sent over at government expense.

Barracks: anywhere form sharing a bedroom with one other person and a common room with another pair across the way, to 4 man barracks, to open bays with about 50 to berthing on the ship with about one man bedroom with shared heads and common rooms. Once you hit E5 you can request BAH and live off base( or if you get married)

the GI Bill pays based on the average cost of a state run college. how much you get paid depends on how many credits you take each semester.