Thursday, December 29, 1994

How much is it to send an sms from dubai to Italy .. is it 60 or 18 fils?

Answer on How much is it to send an sms from dubai to Italy .. is it 60 or 18 fils?

Dear Friend

In Etisalat Mobile AED 0.60 for all international sms including italy, AED 0.18 applicable only for local sms (inside uae)
In Du Mobile the same charges applicable as etisalat

For MMS AED 0.45 (national) & AED1.80 (international)


Should I try Master Cleanse?

ive done lots of looking around on the internet. i read a lot of stories, and looked at results. i'm pretty sure i know that the weight loss is due to severe caloric restriction. Still, i'd like to try it just to get some pounds off and jumpstart healthier eating. I gained 20lbs over the past year due to hormones from BC. i've gotten rid of the hormones, and i'm excited to try to get my weight back down to where it used to be, and to start to feel healthier.

Ideas for helping my Master Cleanse:

I think i would try taking Hoodia pills to cut the hunger

I wonder if i can try using some chicken or vegetable flavoring (bouillon) to add to the Salt water wash--i think it would make it more palatable.

I want to add flaxseed to the lemonade to add some fiber, which also acts as a laxative and i think it would help clean out my colon

i think i'm only willing to try this for 7 days, instead of the 10 that most people do.

also, one more question: if i have to work in the morning, how can i get around the effects of the saltwater/laxative? i can't run to the bathroom every few minutes when i'm at work. this is possibly the only thing keeping me from wanting to attempt it.

and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD--please don't spam me with diet pill sites. seriously. i'll report you.

Answer on Should I try Master Cleanse?

i believe i would be some help :]

with the hoodia, i tried it, and it doesn't really work, so save ur money.

the lemonade is nasty, i diluted it and drank a diluted version, u will probably adjust it to suit ur tastebuds. don't worry with the extra flaxseed for more fibre, ur not ingesting any solids, so the extra fibre is not needed.

i did the salt water flush only on days that i didn't have class (university student), if i didn't i just took a laxative in the mornings and nights and that did the job of flushing me out, sot the salt water wasn't really needed.

i did the detox for 2 weeks, i don't even know how i managed it, because i'm trying it again and i can't make it throughthe first few days. however i lost 14lbs at the end of the two weeks (minimum gym excercising) and when i started eating again i put on about 4lbs, so i lost 10lbs in 2 weeks.

best of luck with it all, it is really hard to be deciplined and get through the whole period of time, but you adapt by the 4th day and start to feel great. by the end of it your skin is more clear, you feel thinnner, you look thinner and the world seems all the better.

hope this answered all your questions. :]