Thursday, December 22, 1994

Good Albums for teeeens? (as recent as possible) x?

I'm Going to London tomorrow and need to load my ipod =} (It's currently on 9gb of music)

I like:
Taylor Swift (Got all her albums and 88 rares of hers)
Kesha (Got Cannibal and Animal)
Demi Lovato (Got Both her albums)
Selena Gomez (Got her Albums)
Bruno Mars (Got his album)
Avril Lavigne
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry

What other artists are like those that i might like?
Preferably Country (Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, ones like that but ive got there albums) or Pop, Or dance Music =]



Answer on Good Albums for teeeens? (as recent as possible) x?

That's where I get the new songs, so when they're on the radio, I know them and can sing to them ;)

My ipod touch apps dissappeared?

i have a jailbroken ipod and i have cydia ; i downloaded winterboard and have alot of themes on it, i resprung my ipod w/ a drake theme and when i unlocked it my home scream was black . all my apps seem to move to the top so they arent visible. i can still access music by tapping my home/wake button twice but other than that i cant do anything.

i also tried to delete cydia or winterboard w/ itunes but that also wont work. bc i cant access anything can someone please help me. oh and i dnt want to restore my ipod.

Answer on My ipod touch apps dissappeared?

I have a few solutions to your problem, in order of simplicity. I'd first like to point out that i'm surprised that a theme did this to you, and somewhat skeptical about that.

1) Unlock your ipod and go to the spotlight search (the page to the left of your home screen) and type Winterboard, then you can unselect what is causing your issue... or you can type settings to get to winterboard... Or you can type Cydia and then go to Manage, Packages, and remove what is causing your issue.

2) If you're sure it was a theme that was causing your issue, and you can't use the spotlight search, and you don't have SBSettings yet, then get the computer program iPhoneBrowser, then navigate to:
/var /stash /Themes.____ /
and delete the folder of the theme that is causing your issue. don't delete anything else unless you know what you're doing.

3) Download SBSettings:…
Then you need to use iPhoneBrowser to create the Cydia and AutoInstall folders:
/var /root /Media /Cydia /AutoInstall /
(capital letters matter!)
Then you can move SBSettings to that folder using iPhoneBrowser, and then reboot your iPod and it will be installed. Swipe across the statusbar on your home screen to open SBSettings. Then you can click Power and Safe Mode. When you're in Safe Mode, all mobilesubstrate addons are disabled... such as winterboard. When you're in Safe Mode you can then make the changes to your device which will put it back to normal.