Saturday, December 3, 1994

Trading runescape/wow accounts for maplestory account!?

I'm here to look for someone willing to trade I'm currently looking for a maplestory account with specific characters 50+ fire/poison mage and/or 50+ aran

currently trading a runescape account called shiftytrix level 99 F2P or 104 P2P with full void (melee+ranged) helms 18m gold with dragon axe!


a complete WoW account with level 80 Hunter Freshly Dinged (so not full geared) and a 72 Deathknight normal quest item gear -with alot of twinks toons etc between levels 19-70


individual characters put onto a different account such as

72 alli rogue (full brutal)
70 horde hunter (full Brutal)
80 horde shaman currently leveling to 85 mecho chopper + epic flying
80 horde warlock currently leveling to 85 epic flying tailoring 450+carpet mount
80 alli deathknight (full hatefull (yes) ) epic flying+ green proto drake
85 horde mage full blue 85 resil set gear +greens
all these toons are located on us-barthilas-oceanic

please post or email maplestory characters (levels and roll) along with the trade u want made thank you


Answer on Trading runescape/wow accounts for maplestory account!?

well i dont really want those accounts as i dont play either game but i do have a 123 aran with no items on it for sale. i'll send you an email about it.