Tuesday, October 25, 1994

I'm italian..i'd like to know an information

hi..sorry if i make mistakes..so..maybe in the 2009 i will go to america to do a year in the usa..but i haven't decided yet because if i go when i return to italy i have to do an exams with subjects that in america don't study..so i'd like to know how is the american school..how many subject there are and what?? 10 point for the best answer..thanks..

Answer on I'm italian..i'd like to know an information

You sound so nice! I don't know if you have a student counselor at your school or not, but if you do, ask him what subjects will be on your exams. If a school in American does not teach it, you may be able to take classes on the Internet. That could help! American schools are complicated. You will meet people who are very curious about Italy. You may meet some people who don't like you because you are different. Just ignore them. They probably get bad grades in school and have nothing to look forward to in the future. Some people are stupid for reasons like that. Other than that, I really hope you enjoy America! And I hope that my advice was helpful!