Friday, October 21, 1994

Talent Show: Lady Gaga - Born This Way performance (Suggestions)?

Our school is having a talent show in May, and I figured now I should start planning if I want this to be "what everyone will be talking about" lol. Anyways, I plan to sing born this way by lady gaga!(:

For the overall layout:
1) I plan to sing the first verse with the piano on stage.
2) Get rid of the piano, start the song (karaoke/instrumental version)
3) Sing the song from the beginning to the end, doing the dance with the few people I have lined up volunteering as back up dancers(:
4) Stop the song before she says: "No matter gay, straight, or bi, etc." Stop it right before there, so my one friend can play the creepy piano thing like she did at the grammy's performance!
5)Start the music and finish the song!

This is the overall plan, but if you have a better idea, shoot!(:
I'm totally looking for suggestions to make it look, sound, and be the best of the best!


Answer on Talent Show: Lady Gaga - Born This Way performance (Suggestions)?

have someone carry you onto the stage in an egg and dance around with a disco stick.